Thursday, 22 October 2009

We pooped the internet's pants

Today i was telling someone about the video our friend Mikey made for Beg Waves awhile back. So I just looked it up on youtube, and an extreme amount of funny negative comments, and i was just like thats weird???? most people who seek out a band on youtube...well seek them out, y'know? so then i read down a little and it looks like this popular comedy site was critical of us, which made for this mixture of traffic. anyway, i think it would be cool if this guy only wrote about things he sincerely liked, it seems like he is into some Black Metal, he should interview Xasthur, I would love to read that! here is the Liiiiinnnk, and here is a photo i took that i think is funny, Yoshimi of boredoms and Zach hill in line for starbucks...what an experimental starbucks!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

going--> ?

ice cream spiritual is growing up. its time to put a new one in the oven. :)