Thursday, 22 October 2009

We pooped the internet's pants

Today i was telling someone about the video our friend Mikey made for Beg Waves awhile back. So I just looked it up on youtube, and an extreme amount of funny negative comments, and i was just like thats weird???? most people who seek out a band on youtube...well seek them out, y'know? so then i read down a little and it looks like this popular comedy site was critical of us, which made for this mixture of traffic. anyway, i think it would be cool if this guy only wrote about things he sincerely liked, it seems like he is into some Black Metal, he should interview Xasthur, I would love to read that! here is the Liiiiinnnk, and here is a photo i took that i think is funny, Yoshimi of boredoms and Zach hill in line for starbucks...what an experimental starbucks!


  1. aww shuuuucks fuck that noise; molly is the shit and ponytail wouldn't be ponytail without any one of you guys!! keep on keepin on

  2. Fuck those assholes. Molly is by far one of the most awesome vocalists of all time. Molly rocks!

  3. why must people judge?! what you guys are doing is amazing! you, i, ALL of us.......WE ARE THE FUTURE!! THERE IS NO THEY!! JUST WE!! you're pushing the limits of whatever music has become to this society and keep doing it! enlighten, stay positive, and never be discouraged.....stay you.