Monday, 25 January 2010

My Friend Michael

My Friend Michael Petruzzo is visiting from New York this week. Mike played in Ponytail for the first 11 months of our existence. The combination of his keyboard playing and molly's voice coming from one sound source made a lot of people think we were electronics wizards. I think that principal has stuck with us even as our noise tendencies have mellowed. Anyway, Mike is here and getting me pumped on a book that he is making based on a photo series he completed in the fall. He has asked me to contribute text to the project, which i said yes to immediately, but it's become daunting because of how good these photos and the shear amount of imagery already present. The scene pretty much looks something like this - the rolling stones protected by a group of hells angels rolling into a village of native americans who are trying to protect their diamonds all played by children. I pretty much draw a blank, but i always think of this story another friend Chip Hughes told me about meeting mick jagger...or rather seeing him in a book store shopping for the holidays. The clerk is helping jagger pick out books based on what he bought the last time he was there (which of course the clerk remembers because its MICK JAGGER, though jagger doesnt seem to remember that he has shopped there before at all...

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